I provide individual intensive trauma focused therapy to individuals who have  experienced childhood sexual, physical and/or emotional abuse.

​​​Maternal Mental Health



I provide individual psychotherapy

to adults and adolescents suffering from emotional difficulties such as depression 

and anxiety.

Racquel P. Jones, LCSW




I provide individual counseling to adults and adolescents struggling with addiction to alcohol, drugs and/or  food.

I provide individual and group

therapy to women who are currently pregnant and new mothers who need additional support at this phase in their life.

​Transforming Lives Counseling Service

Transforming Lives Counseling Service

Have you been depressed , anxious or struggling with the overuse of alcohol or drugs?  Do you sometimes eat more than you planned to in order to feel better?  Do you struggle with thoughts or behaviors that continually bring you down and can't seem to find a way out? I'm here to help you.  I provide a safe, non-judgmental, culturally sensitive atmosphere that allows you to express yourself & uncover the negative thoughts & behaviors that are interfering with the realization of your hopes & dreams.

 I provide consultation services and staff  training to community and non profit  organizations  around the topics of cultural  competency, trauma, substance abuse and  maternal mental health.


I can help you on your journey to a more fulfilling and happy life and lead you on a positive path to emotional well being.

Trauma Therapy